New Oregon Republican Party Officials for 2013-2015

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Left to Right: Solomon Yue, Jr., National Committeeman; Chris Barreto, Secretary; Suzanne Gallagher, Chair; Bill Currier, Vice Chair; Ken Taylor, Treasurer; Donna D. Cain, National Committeewoman.

Salem, OR (Feb. 4) – At the 2013 Biennial Organization Meeting on Saturday, members of the Oregon Republican State Central Committee elected Suzanne Gallagher of Tigard, Oregon as the new Chair of the ORP. Gallagher’s slate swept the other three officer positions as well. “Our slate of officers won these contested elections because the Central Committee wanted a team of officers which shared the same Constitutional values, worked together effectively and would turn our Party’s focus to attracting voters to the Party’s candidates,” Chair Gallagher said. Bill Currier, the new ORP Vice Chair and Chris Barreto, the new ORP Secretary, both won contested races for their offices. Ken Taylor, the new ORP Treasurer won by acclamation. See article at