2013 Benton GOP at Philomath Frolic & Parade

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On July 11-14, the Benton County Republicans once again participated in the super fun and friendly Philomath Frolic & Parade. Those manning the Republican "Floats 'n Votes" booth sold Root Beer floats, lemonade, bottled water, and BCRW buttons; conducted voter registration and collected signatures for petitions, while making friends in Philomath. Our thanks to Andrew Decker, Louanna Oliver, Jessica Paulsen, John Detweiler, Kim Rowe, Susan Newby, Kristie Hernandez and Alexia, Lou and Don Copes, Stan and Glenda Baker, Stella Guenther, PJ and Garland Hunter for helping with setup, takedown or taking shifts in the booth. On the morning of Saturday, July 13th, volunteers descended on our blank parade float and had it decked out in Stars & Strips and shouting LIBERTY in no time. Nic Oliver pulled the float. Nic's wife, Louanna Oliver and granddaughter Janaiah Paulsen rode with him playing patriotic music. Enthusiastic riders on the float were Carolyn Webb, John Detweiler, Kristie Hernandez and daughters Alexia and Veronica (Ronnie) with friends Danny and Tiffany, Jessica Paulsen with baby Trinity, PJ Hunter and Zumi (the dog). Walking with the float and passing out candy were Stan and Glenda Baker, Stella Guenther and Garland Hunter. All helped decorate the float plus Jerry Jackson, Kim Rowe and John & Myrna Bell. With great appreciation, we thank you all!